Le TVP en français TVP in english


Type :
theatre of miniature objects
Duration :
29 minutes and more if affinities
Source :
exotic and democratic literature
Public : 20 to 30 people,
depending on age and corpulence,
for a forewarned or subjugated public (there is the choice)
Ideas :
Luc Miglietta and Mathias Piquet-Gauthier
Actors and Manipulators :
Luc Miglietta and Mathias Piquet-Gauthier
Theatre of miniature objects
For its' new creation, the actors of the TVP present an illogical follow up of the famous tragedy Romeo and Juliet. In a watery décor against a background of eroticism this new fiction full of spectacular special effects should stimulate a certain effervescence in the audience.

The length of the show and the welcoming of the audience make this theatre of miniature objects a poetic concept. For a small number of forewarned people.

Finally, on the endless theme of love and its secrets, the TVP offers a fantastic vision of human kind through a lyrical piece of fiction.

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