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Object et Comedy : Mathias Piquet-Gauthier
Dance et Comedy : Dorothée MOREL
Originale Music: Timothée JOLLY
Duration : 45 butterflies
Capacity : 150 people
From :3 years old upwards


Still on the edge of the race... riding one's little bike towards the station where She arrives without warning... "En pieces détachées" to tame, to meet, to test one's feelings, to create a spark !!!!! Lift the carpet..and see? "The meeting" the first one... fantastic! Unbelievable! Sparkling like in my dreams!
The second meeting, the one where every day life encroaches, the one that keeps you thinking, that gives food to psychoanalysts! The one that makes you throw out your own points of view.. to go back to your inner self.
Love is a wonderful nebula!
The third meeting : a new breath at last... look! It's stopped raining in my head? One foot does not go without the other? Laugh from the heart... cry of child-birth, real life,...............

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