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Production/writing/main roles/video shooting:
Mathias Piquet-Gauthier and Fred Ladoué
Editing :
Fred Ladoué
Sound :
Mathias Piquet-Gauthier
Hair do :
Costumes :
Mathias Piquet-Gauthier dressed by Fred Ladoué
Fred Ladoué dressed by his mother
Special effects :
Mathias Piquet-Gauthier and Fred Ladoué
Cascades :
Mathias Piquet-Gauthier and Fred Ladoué
Production :
The Theatre du Vide Poches

With the support of : the Street Festival in


Theatre of cinematographic objects :

With the support of :"L'acte Théâtral" with Myriam and Vincent MARTIN and
"le Bord de l'eau"
Centre régional de Création des Arts de la Rue

Bibi is on holiday at his aunt's house in the mountains and he is bored. Fortunately he took a few toys with him and he will be able to amuse himself "making films" in his room, and will be able to travel and to find love.
Through manipulations of objects and mini movie cameras the two handymen-projectionists open a window on a child's imagination. This dream world is projected on a huge screen while it is being built. Manipulation, framing, lighting, sound effects, voices, editing, translation into sign-language, everything is live.

What you see was in their heads

45 minutes, by and with
Mathias Piquet-Gauthier et Fred Ladoué

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