Le TVP en français TVP in english

Type de spectacle :
theatre of miniature objects
Duration :
21 to 28 minutes 56 seconds
Public :
25 to 39 depending on age and corpulence
Décor and light :
Mathias Piquet-Gauthier
Actors and Manipulators :
Luc Miglietta et Mathias Piquet-Gauthier
Behind this décor, the size of a television, two jolly fellows Mathias Piquet-Gauthier and Luc Miglietta bring this fairy tale in miniature to life. Playing the parts of the figurines and manipulating tiny machines full of wheels, wires and spectacular entertaining intimist effects which make up the identity and the originality of the "Théâtre du Vide-Poche"

The duration and the surroundings make the TVP a poetical concept. The smallness and the magic of the stage bring the people together and absorb them at the same time.

Le TVP is also an artistic performance, like a picture, that offers different levels of interpretation. Reaching out to touch people of all ages. Combining classical tragedy with recreational eccentricity.

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