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(The Zygote family's big top)

This show revisits classical circus acts (acrobatics, clowning, dressage) using a chest of drawers under a tent. The work relies on a theatre of objects and figurines with a meticulous Mechanical system operated by Monsieur Zygote. A circus with reference to Alexander CALDER, who offers his public the chance to relive the delight and magic of the arts of the Big Top all in 52 minutes.

This show is aimed at a young audience and invites them to discover everyday objects in a spectacular form (figurines, kitchen utensils,toys). The manipulation and the production of objects have always been a "child's game". Thanks to M. Zygote everything becomes a source of wonderment.

Type :
covered aerea where people can move around during the show
Duration : 52 minutes
Capacity : 100 or more if terraces
Technical :
theatre of objects and figurines on a chest of drawers
Show by and with :
Mathias Piquet-Gauthier
Decor and furniture restoration:
Luc lévy
Originale Music :
Véronique Lherm

Coproduction with the Herault region counsellor for the Festival
"Saperlipopette voilà enfantillage"

in 2005

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